Useful Skills to Know About Tires in Case of an Emergency

As a car owner, you probably know that tire issues always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times. But by preparing yourself and having a plan for any tire-related issues, you’ll be able to quickly fix any mishaps that arise on the road. Here’s what to know when it comes to your tires.

Changing a Blowout

A tire blowout has the potential to throw a wrench in your plans for the day. And while you can often call roadside assistance, being able to change a tire yourself is an invaluable skill to have. Make sure you always have a spare packed and on hand. There are several causes of tire blowouts, so it’s important to know how to change one in case of an emergency. If you aren’t confident in your tire-changing abilities, watch a tutorial and practice a few times. This will help you change a tire quickly if an emergency does arise.

Applying Chains

If you live in an area prone to snow and ice, tire chains are a fact of life. But if you didn’t grow up with them, tire chains tend to have a learning curve. Make sure you have the right size chains for your vehicle, as the wrong size chains can damage your vehicle. Just like with tires, it helps to practice putting chains on a few times. Then, once it becomes second nature, you’ll be able to put on and take off chains when time counts.

Knowing When a Rim Is Bent

In some cases, after blowing a tire, you simply need to find a replacement. In some cases, though, a blown tire can significantly damage your car’s rims. Bent rims can lead to alignment issues and other problems that make driving very dangerous. Before changing a tire, check your rim for signs of damage. If your car suddenly starts handling poorly or develops poor fuel economy, it might be time for a new rim. In these cases, time is essential, as driving on a bent rim for a prolonged period of time will only increase any damage to your vehicle. If you know how to detect a bent rim, you can avoid more costs later on.

In conclusion, tire-related emergencies happen to the best of us. But when you prepare yourself and practice, you’ll be able to face just about any tire-related emergency. Purchase what you need, keep your supplies handy and practice any time you think your skills may be lacking.

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