Postponed Road Trip? Work on Your Car Instead

Just because you can’t go road tripping right now doesn’t mean that you have to mope around your house until the virus has passed. Now is a great time to give that car in your garage some TLC. Here are some easy ways to make sure your car is ready to go the second travel restrictions are lifted.

Check and Replace Lights

Having properly working lights on your car is needed for safety. Be sure your headlights are working and aligned on both low and high beams. Brake lights should both be working at the same time with the same intensity. Don’t forget to check the turn signal lights on both sides. Checking the lights is easy and quick with someone stationed inside the car to operate switches and another person standing outside to check.

Get the Registration Up-to-Date

Nothing is more irritating than being pulled over by a policeman when on a road trip. Remember that police can check license plate numbers, so it’s a good idea to make sure everything is up-to-date. Your driver’s license, car inspection sticker, as well as state registration should be checked before hitting the road to make sure they are current. This will keep you out of the courtroom or having to pay fines. Even worse, if you have to travel to another state to satisfy the issue can be costly.

Have Your Car in Good Running Order

If you are not handy around a car, take it to a mechanic for a once over. Checking the fluids, tire pressure, belts, and hoses before you take off on your road trip can help ensure a smooth-running adventure. If traveling in the summer, make sure the air conditioner is fully charged and the fan is working properly. To add to the occasion, think about having your car detailed inside and out. Give the battery cables a once over to see if they are secure. Little glitches that can easily be avoided may cause a big problem on the road.

Make good use of the time created from postponing your trip. The goal is to spend time relaxing as you enjoy your time away. Don’t be forced into making car maintenance the focus of the road trip or having the experience of getting a ticket to ruin your mood. It is time to get your car in great condition and its paperwork in order. Have a great, safe trip on the road and enjoy the view.

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