How to Keep the Interior of Your Car Looking Nice and New for Years?

When you drive that shiny new car off of the lot for the first time, it is understandable that you want to keep it looking it this way for years to come. Unfortunately, life gets in the way and it is easy to let the interior maintenance of your vehicle fall between the cracks. Here are three easy ways that you can keep the interior of your car looking nice and new.

Avoid Eating and Drinking in Your Car

Eating and drinking in the car is something that should be avoided. It not only can potentially affect your interior if something spills or is dropped, but those who eat and drive are 3.6 times more likely to be involved in an accident. If you must have a drink in the vehicle, be sure to choose a cup with a lid so that you can mitigate the risk of spillage. If you have children that use your vehicle, it is important to make this a black-and-white issue so that they are not always wanting to bring messy snacks and drinks along for the ride.

Install All-Weather Floor Mats

Installing all-weather floor mats in your vehicle can make a big difference in its level of cleanliness. These types of mats will cover and protect the floor of your vehicle. This protection is especially important in inclement weather when sand and snow can transfer to the carpet. You can also place a towel underneath the mat to deliver an additional layer of protection.

Install a Few Organizational Items

If you spend a lot of time in your vehicle, it is easy for it to become cluttered in no time at all. A few strategically placed organizational items can help to cut the clutter and trash. Storage bins for kids’ toys and books will keep them from being scattered throughout the vehicle. An accordion-style envelope in your glove box is a good way to keep all of your paperwork organized. As simple as it sounds, keeping a trash can in the car will go a long way in keeping garbage and messiness under control. Other items to keep on hand include small trash bags, antibacterial spray, and wet wipes.

Your vehicle will never be as shiny and sparkling as the day that you first purchased it. However, with the right cleaning habits, you can preserve the interior of the vehicle and keep it looking almost new.

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