4 Ways to Improve Gas Mileage

With the price of gas through the roof these days, most people will do anything to get the highest miles per gallon possible from their car. Fortunately, a little bit goes a long way when you’re trying to get your fuel efficiency up. If your car is isn’t pulling the gas mileage you’re looking for, then try the following tips. They’ll increase your gas efficiency as well as make your car run better and safer.

Check Tires

Driving on underinflated tires is not only dangerous, but it is also costly. Your engine works much harder when the tires don’t have enough air in them to properly support the weight of your vehicle and its contents. The result is noticeably higher fuel expenses. Check the manufacturer’s recommended tire psi and inflate your tires accordingly if needed. Also, check for signs of wear. Balding tires can be hazardous and significantly decrease your mpg as well.

Change Air Filter and Spark Plugs

You can save a lot of money on your fuel costs by having your air filter and spark plugs replaced regularly. For some car owners, both tasks are simple DIY jobs, especially changing the air filter. However, if you prefer a professional to do it, the cost is negligible compared to the savings in gasoline costs you’ll enjoy.


You should have your oil changed regularly, so you’ll have clean lubricating fluid running through your engine. Take care that you use the proper weight of oil, or you risk creating internal friction, which will make your engine burn more fuel in order to do its job. If you do any work yourself it’s recommended that you understand safety protocols in case an accident occurs. Additionally, you should check your dipstick regularly to inspect the color and viscosity of your oil.

Cruise Control

Steady driving saves you money, and cruise control is the king of steady. By driving at the same pace on the highway, you avoid the unconscious braking and accelerating that most drivers end up engaging in. The less you brake and speed up; the less fuel your car will burn. You can make your drive easier while increasing efficiency.

Other methods of gaining better gas mileage include reducing excess onboard weight, keeping your gas cap sealed and coasting to stop signs. No matter how effective each of these methods is on its own, they work better when done together and on a regular basis.

Now that you have some tools to help you save on gas mileage, schedule a test drive for a new vehicle today.


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